What is the Design of Soap Dish

  • Antidip Bar Design, that could keeps soap dish away from water and it could keep the soap higher, the antidip bar design of soap dish could reduce the probability of keeping the soap into the water.
  • Draining Soap Dish, that is used to drain away water, there would be ponding when using soap dish, the drain tank design would drain the water from the soap box into the water collecting box, that would avoid making effect to soap.
  • Separated Soap Dish Design, the first layer is drain tank, and the second layer is water collection box, the leached water is collected by the water collecting box, that would not smudge the table.
  • Free Standing Soap Dish, the soap dish and table keeps certain height that could protect the soap dish, at the same time it could let the surroundings of soap dish away from the ponding, that also could ensure the cleaning of wash basin.
  • Suction Cup Soap Dish, if you place the soap dish on the table, we can install the soap dish on the wall, it could take advantage of the room, it could protect the soap dish. The suction cup design has strong absorption fixed type, that won’t damage the beauty of wall, we don’t need stick or wall mount, the suction cup would fix the soap dish on the wall, it has strong bearing force without falling, no matter it is tile, plastic, glass or stainless steel, that is all suitable, it could not only decorate the environment, but also improve the receive ability.

Wall Mounted Soap Dish

Separated Soap Dish

Free Standing Soap Dish

Suction Cup Soap Dish

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