Shower Drain Info

Shower Drain Basic Information

The shower drain is the fixture to connect the floor to system of drainage channels, as the important part of interior drainage system, its performance would influence the interior air quality, that is important for the control of the taste for bathroom.

The shower drain is placed in the bathroom, kitchen and balcony, these occasions play important a role in our family, if the shower drain is not good enough then the dirty water would not be discharged, that would have much inconvenience for our daily life, so the shower drain is the important part, today Homerises would introduce you the knowledge of shower drain. These is much series of shower drains, every shower drain has its own advantage, then what is it? Now we will have a brief introduction to shower drains.

Modern Square Shower Drain

The Sort Of Shower Drains

  • According to the occasions – drains for showering and besides close-stool, washing machine drains for special or dual types, deodorant drains for special basin and kitchen sinks.
  • According to the inner structure – water seal drains, sloping baffle drains, ball jar drains, ball jar and sloping baffle drains, T type automatic seal drains, bounce drains, floating ball drains, V type drains.
  • According to the downward flow age – straight drains, N type drains, L type drains, inverted S type drains, lateral type drains.
  • According to main material – brass, stainless steel, PVC, zinc alloy, brass alloy, ceramic, aluminum, iron and etc.
  • According to surface finish – nickel brushed, antique bronze, chrome, polished and etc.
  • According to shapes – square shaped, rectangular shaped, triangle shaped, round shaped.

Four Specialties Of Drains

Fast drainage, deodorize, clog-proof and easy to clean up. When we judge a drain, we can start from these three parts, speed of drainage, deodorization effect and easy to clean up.

Requirements For Drain Material And Advantages And Disadvantages

  1. Since the water flowed from drain is very dirty, that is weak base, that would be somewhat corrosive, at the same time, there is small sand that would influence the surface, we always have to suffer enough weight by our feet, so the quality of drain has to be good, high hardness and perfect anti-corrosion property.
  2. There is large quantity of slight dirty, it is easy to be on the surface of drains, that would have secondary pollution, so the material of surface had better be smooth, which is not easy to hang the dirty but easy to clean up.
  3. Because the drain is into the cement layer when decorating, the top part is connected to the ceramic, the next part is connected to the sewer, at the same time that had better have good seal property. Since it is messy to replace the drains, so we had better use good drains, nowadays there is much price difference for drains, besides brands, design, crafts and other elements, the finish and inner core are the big difference for the drains.

Round Shower Drain


How To Install A Shower Drain

The shower drain is always used in bathrooms, we need the shower drains for bathroom, bathtub and washing machine, since it controls the taste of bathroom, the good shower drain has good air quality, then the homerises will introduce you the necessary matters and attention.

Shower Drain Installation

We may reserve the sewer tunnels in the place that has ponding, we install the drains above the pipes, such as the bathroom, balcony and etc, in general the installation zone is the place where can hold the water, then is the terrace, and the last is to lay the tile.

Shower Drain Installation

Shower Drain Structure

We can embedded the drain in the terrace during the process of making terrace, if you want to let the water fall fast without remnant, then we had better use the drain as the lowest point, that is slope shaped, which is suitable to let water go away. At first we can replace the shower drain to avoid damaging the waterproof layer, when installing drain to avoid blocking sewer, we can use cement material to avoid glass cement not fixed.

Set The Drain According To The Pipe Aperture
Get the aperture of drain, that is 50cm PVC pipe, the iron one is bigger. The diameter of drain is matched with PVC diameter, the reserved hole is big enough, that we can adjust it during the decoration, we can have the outlet according to drain size, we don’t adjust the outlet, then to purchase the drain.

Installation Position Of Drains
When we install the drains, we can install the drain, and set the position of drains first, floor tiles slope to the floor, we can place the ceramic in the position, and set ceramic in the center of drain, the diagonal is straight, that has drained away water, then is in the middle of drain.

Connection Of Drain And Drain Hole
The pipe could insert the water to connect the drain, that is insert to the pipe, since this drain has sealing, that is exquisite, then we can add the drain to seal, the water seal has to be small, then we can stuck the pipe, that doesn’t influence the installation.

Shower Drain Installation Points For Attention

  1. Get out of the shower drain core, that avoid the sundries falling into the inside and cause damage.
  2. In order to drain away water, the drain installation position is lower than floor, it is convenient for drainage, before installing the drain, then to cut drain pipe short and ensures the surface lower than floor.
  3. In order to ensure the decorations not damaged, the position of drain is not lower than floor, since it is too far away from the floor, we can add the cement paste, then to keep the pipe higher, that ensures complete decoration effect after finishing the drains.
  4. When installing the drains, in order to avoid blocking, we have to block the pipe with cloth and other drain pipe, then we can get the drain core out of the drain.
  5. Considering the maintenance of drain, so when you fill the cement mortar, you can’t use drain, and use the brown paper and other hard material to match the round, that is connected to the pipe, and that is higher than floor, then we can add the cement mortar.
  6. The drain is connected to the drain pipe, and that is higher than the floor, then we can add the cement mortar 1:1 ratio into the surrounding air, at the same time adjust the plate into the proper height, after keeping the cement mortar freeze, we can add the drain into the pipe, that is close to the surface.
  7. If it is washing machine drain, you can purchase the professional drain and connecting fixture, of course you can use the ordinary one, and connect the drain pipe to the fixed part, that is practical and convenient.

How To Choose Shower Drains

How to Buy Shower Drains

There are five indexes to choose the shower drains, they are deodorization, water discharge, filtering capability and occasions.

  1. The shower drains could have deodorization function under any circumstance, the deodorization function reply on the sealing, the customers would choose different sealing according to different situations.
  2. The displacement has to satisfy the function requirement, that would be big enough, even your house is empty with water pipe burst, that also can drain away water. We can check displacement according to the specification and test report, we can choose the proper drain according to the size of drain and different occasions.
  3. The filtering has to be complete, since that would block the dirty, it is very troublesome to clean up, if size of filtering net is not proper, that would cause the interval time is too short, that would also cause the burden of customers, the best size of filtering net is 5-8mm, that would prevent the dirty fall into the pipe, it almost takes 3-5 months to remove the dirty.
  4. It takes too much time to replace the drain, some mechanical drain to use plastic to make the core, the special of plastic is fragile, use the drain in high frequency, then the drain is not steady, that may have various problem, we need to replace it.
  5. Choose the shower drain according to occasions, for example, the defrosting volume is big enough, we can ensure not ponding to keep water fall down, in addition to, there is much stream flow in the washing machine, there is large pressure for the pipe, if it is available, I think we don’t need to use the drain, and use the professional pipe, or we can choose the drain, then set the bumper besides outlet, that could install the bumper and then we can choose the professional drain.

Five Methods To Choose The Drains

1. Check The Host Material

The shower drain is made of brass, stainless steel, PVC, zinc alloy, brass alloy, ceramic, wrought iron and etc, at this time the stainless steel and brass alloy are moderate, pretty and practical, the whole performance is perfect.

Pvc Shower Drain

Stainless Steel

2. Check Speed Of Drain Away Water
There is large room in the drain, and has fast drainage speed, we can choose when purchasing.

3. Check Deodorization Effect
The deodorization effect is the main function of drain, the history of sealing drain is very long, its advantage of drain is easy to have effect and easy to have germ, so we had better choose the drain combined with physical oder – proof and deep water deodorization, the physical deodorize would reach the switch gasket through hydraulic and permanent magnet, that could deodorize.

4. Check Anti-blocking Effect
There would be mixed to have hair, so as to the drain we have to choose the drain to prevent blocking.

5. Check Surface Finish
The surface finish could improve the anti-corrosion and beauty, there is the protecting layer on the surface, there is stainless steel, bronze, brass and etc, we can choose the drain according to decoration style and budget.

Polished Chrome

Oil Rubbed Bronze

Brushed Brass

The Main Material Introduction Of Shower Drains

The shower drains are almost made of brass, stainless steel, zinc alloy, brass alloy, ceramic, wrought aluminum, wrought iron and etc.

  • Brass
    The price of brass is relatively high, the whole style is luxury and high end, brass belongs to precious metal, the price is rising in these years, that has multiple finish, such as chrome, nickel brushed, polished brass, antique brass and so on, it has big difference in the price, because of the content of brass, surface’s finish and the whole material dosage.

    Ceramic Shower Drain

    Modern Fine Ceramic Shower Drain

  • Stainless Steel
    The price of stainless steel is moderate, surface is shinning and pretty, because of different material, its appearance and life would be different, the 304 stainless steel has 8% nickel, 201 stainless steel has 1% nickel, 430 stainless steel is without nickel, and the last two would produce rust easily.
  • PVC
    The price of PVC is low, surface has chrome finish, lightweight and has low physical properties, that has big influence in the temperature and suffers scratch and shock, which is not beautiful.
  • Zinc Alloy
    The price of zinc alloy is very cheap, surface has chrome, it is lighter than brass, but easy to corrosion and life is not long.
  • Aluminum Alloy
    The price of aluminum alloy is moderate, has light weight, surface is rough in low profile and not very often for using.
  • Brass Alloy
    The price of brass alloy is moderate, surface has electroplated finish with heavy quality.
  • Ceramic
    The price of ceramic is ceramic is moderate, that has good performance and anti-corrosion, but it is fragile and not impact resistance, since almost needs custom made for small market.
  • Cast Iron
    The price of cast iron is very cheap, it is easy to get rusty, it is not pretty and easy to hang the dirty after getting rust, it is not easy to clean up, besides some public occasions, now it is not used for outdoor.

We can summary from the following, from the performance, beauty, prices and etc, there are various flaws about wrought iron, PVC, zinc alloy, aluminum alloy and etc, as to the stainless steel, that would be better, that is not rusty in proper price, the brass shower drain is outstanding in all parts.




How To Get Rid Of Smelly Drains In Bathroom

The Theory Of Deodorization For Shower Drains

Nowadays many families prefer to choose deodorant drain, that is the important part to connect the system of drainage to interior floor, as the important part for family drainage system, its performance would influence the air environment, that is the important part for deodorization of bathroom and kitchen, the performance of deodorant shower drain would influence the quality of air, that could control the smell of bathroom.

  1. Straight type drainage water is to let the water fall into the sewer line, that could avoid the dirty in the pipe, that could cause secondary pollution.
  2. Use itself weight to open and close the drain by the flow, it is open with water, and closed without water, stepless speed regulation, it is completely sealed, gravity is the source with steady performance, it is not like the spring or magnet sealed the leak, elasticity or magnetic force would drop away, that has ultimate failure.
  3. There is silicon seal equipped with sealing core, sealer and washing machine drivepipe, that ensures that without peculiar smell and injurious insect.
  4. There is metal cover and plastic double filtration, that prevents dirty to block the pipe.
  5. The special washing machine drain pipe is suitable for different kinds of caliber, that solve the overflow problem that because of large displacement, that could be used it as the ordinary drain.
  6. It is easy to clean up to brush it in the water for plug-in sealed core.
  7. The main body is made of 304 stainless steel or good quality brass material, the sealed core is made of good quality plastic, that suffers 80 degrees high temperature and corrosion, that is environmental and long life.
  8. It saves the lower trap tube and material, installation and decoration cost, that reduces the dispute and keeps harmony with everything.
  9. Different installation height is suitable for various drainage system.
  10. It is easy to replace the old shower drain, it would not destroy floor and water proof layer.

Brushed Nickel

High End


Five Common Deodorant Methods Of Shower Drains

  1. Water seal shower drain replays on the water in the bend, then it has to be with water storage, otherwise it doesn’t have deodorization effect.
  2. Eccentric block shower drain uses the gasket and pin to fix it, we can seal it by principle of center of gravity eccentricity, one is not sealed tightly, second is that the dowel is easy to be damaged, that would be invalid.
  3. The bounce shower drain has two types, upward shower drain and downward shower drain, the upward is to press the cover plate, the plate would be bounce, then press again, that would reset. As the downward shower drain is to seal the by the bounce and gasket, since the bounce is made of ferro-boron, that is easy to be rust, and the elasticity would be weaken, and it can lose efficacy for short life, in addition to the elasticity is easy to twine, fabric, it is not easy to clean up.
  4. Magnet type shower drain use the two pcs of magnets to seal, because the quality of water is poor, because of the brush goods and brushing floor, that would have irony on the magnet, after long time, the impurity layer would lead to the gasket can’t be closed, at the same time because of great earth magnet field, the magnet force would be weaken.
  5. Mechanical type shower drain doesn’t need seal, we can closed and open the gasket in the theory of gravity without help of mechanical and magnet.

Daily Cleaning And Maintenance Of Shower Drains

It has been autumn, although the autumn is not so wet and rainy as summer, then we have to do much about moisture proof. As the important outlet for bathroom, there would be equipped with hair, dirty mask and etc, if we could clean the shower drain always, that could cause the block of shower drain. Homerises would share the daily cleaning method of shower drain for you, hope that help you solve the flooding problem of bathroom.

First Clean The Shower Drain Regularly

The shower drain has to be cleaned always, when we clean the shower drain, in general we have to clean the dirty on the cover plate in advance, we can use some detergent to wash the shower drain. Then we can process the drainage to have the disinfect, then we could finish installing the shower drain. Please do not open the cover of shower drain, do not pour the food residue into the shower drain.

Second The Sealed Shower Drain Needs To Add Water

If you have installed the sealed shower drain, when using it, we had better notice the sealing and dry up, it needs to be added water. If not used for a long time, we had better use the cover to seal the shower drain, that could reduce the evaporation of water, it could have seal the shower drain.

Third Regular Check The Self – Styled Shower Drain

The self-styled shower drain is not like the sealed shower drain, it could seal the shower drain by the bounce and magnet. And the bounce would reduce the elasticity, and the magnet would also be weaken since it could absorb the iron in the water. So we have to check the self-styled shower drain good or not, if there is any problem, we have to replace in time.

Fourth Concrete Solution About Shower Drain Water Seepage

When installing the shower drain, if it is not sealed, during the process of maintenance, that would have seepage problem. If the problem is serious, then we can open the floor tile around the shower drain, then we could dig around 3cm hole here, then we can cover it, after one or two hours, then we can do closed water test, if it is without water seepage, that means the problem is solved.

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