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The towel ring is used for placing the towel and furniture, in general it is a loop or semi circle, which is used to dry your hand. According to different designers, there are many other shapes. The shape of towel ring is various, that could meet different requirements of bathrooms.


The towel ring has good crafts and fashion feeling, its function is obvious and clear. Its stylish appearance and smart shape would bring much convenience for life, its style is unique and fashion, equipped with creativity and imagination. At the same time, it would be without water spot and limescale, it is easy to be managed. In the performance, it is wear proof and non toxic, it is safe and used for long time, the appearance of towel ring breaks the much flaw and insufficient of traditional bathroom accessories.


The towel ring is used to hang the towel, its shape could be loop or semi circle, there arr many different kinds of shapes, the diameter of it is between 15cm and 25cm, length of handle is between 5cm and 8 cm.


Towel Ring Brass Towel Ring Stainless Steel Towel Ring Aluminum Alloy Towel Ring
Description Towel ring is made of good quality brass material, surface has multi-layer electroplated finish, such as polished brass, antique brass and chrome and etc, that is equipped with high strength resistance to corrosion function, good combination, smooth crafts and surface like mirror. Stainless steel is the special steel which could suffer weak corrosive medium such as air, steam, water and etc, and corrosion of chemical etching medium, such as sour, soda, salt and etc, its surface is bright and smooth. Aluminum alloy is combined of aluminum and other metal. Its surface has anti-oxidation finish, comfortable hand touching, smooth texture, bright appearance, it is anti-oxidation without magnetism.
Advantage Bright and fastness, it is wear proof. This kind of towel ring has beautiful design and low price, it is value for money. Corrosion resistance is perfect, and the price is lower comparing to others in the same condition. Since the aluminum alloy is light in the quality, so it is durable and solid with high hardness.
Maintenance It should be dry, we had better not touch other material, including salt, otherwise it can cause oxidation damage. Surface should be clean and when we washing, the steel wool and abrasive tool are not accepted. The acidity or alkaline cleaning detergent is forbidden, at the same time, abrasive paper and steel wire are also forbidden.
Price Relative High Moderate Medium

According to material, the towel ring are made of brass towel ring, stainless steel towel ring, aluminum alloy towel ring and etc.


Stainless Steel

Zinc Alloy

Select Skills

  • Price, although the towel ring is very small, the customers had better choose good quality products, otherwise we have to replace the towel ring after long time. At this time, there are several kinds of finish for towel rings, chrome, nickel brush, aluminum alloy chrome and etc, for these material, the brass and chrome products can be forbidden oxidation, it doesn’t have color fading, and the stainless steel type has low price, but the life time is very short.
  • Finish, the finish is very important for hardware, it decides the life, brightness and wear proof for hardware. The good finish is bright with sheer, as to the bad finish the surface is dim and dark. The good one is very smooth, and the bad finish would have waves, if the surface have sunken then it is bad product. The good finish is wear proof, we almost can’t see the scratch, and the bad product have dense hemp of scratch.
  • Brand, if you want to purchase the towel ring with after-sale guarantee, and the customers had better choose the brand towel ring, although the price of brand is relatively high, when there is quality problem for towel ring, the customers would go to the seller to replace and maintain, it is value for money for brand towel.
  • Mating, the bathroom accessories are placing important role in the bathroom, so we can’t use sanitary appliance to match towel ring, nowadays there are various towel ring, we had better choose the satisfied color, type and style, otherwise it may be embarrassed for bathroom if it is not matched.




Maintenance And Cleaning


  • It is good habit to open door and windows, it can keep the bathroom smooth, at the same time, it is helpful for our health and absorb fresh air.
  • When we are washing, we can use clean cloth to wipe the dirty. Do not let the hard subject to touch the towel ring in avoid of scratch.
  • Surface of towel ring could be wiped by soft cloth to ensure the brightness, we can’t use the corrosive liquid, we had better not use the detergent.
  • If you are going to decorate the house, we had better not let the oil paint on the towel ring, since the oil paint has great corrosive action. Nowadays there are various detergent in the market, I think we would not to purchase, since they would cause the strong damage. The decolorizer, detergent and vinegar has much acidoid, so it has strong corrosive effect, it is also not recommended.


  • Put the towel ring in the water and clean it, then use the soft cloth to dry it, do not use any detergent, cloth or paper which has grinding effect, or any acid detergent, abrasive or soap subject can’t be used to wipe the surface of towel ring.
  • Since the damage of various detergent and shower gel on the surface of towel ring, that causes the oxidation and damage the quality, please clean the surface of towel ring at least every week, we had better use neutral detergent.
  • As to the dirt, surface scale membrane which is difficult to be removed, please use the soft liquid detergent, colorless glass cleaning fluid or polishing liquid to wipe the towel ring, then we can wash the towel ring and use the soft cloth to dry it.
  • Use the soft cloth with toothpaste and soap to scrub the towel ring softly, then clean it with water.
  • Use the wax oil which has strong dirt-removing power, paint the white cloth and clean the whole towel ring, the cycle would be 3 months, that could lengthen the life of towel ring. Remember to dry it after finishing the cleaning, otherwise the surface would have grime and splats.




Match Tips

The towel ring places small role in the decoration, although it is small, but it is important in the decoration, in order to have the punchline effect for bathroom, it could improve the taste of decoration, because of quality of product, it could have loose, rust and other problem for towel ring, just as the designer saying, the money would reflect the taste of house decoration.

Color Matching

It is important for us to match the color of towel ring and bathroom styles, the bathroom accessories place important role in the bathroom, so we can’t let the bathroom accessories to match the towel ring, we had better match the towel ring with the furniture, when purchasing the towel ring, we have to consider the matching problem, nowadays there are various different kinds of towel ring, customers had better choose the proper towel rings which are suitable for your bathroom, if only chosen by your like, that maybe cause the embarrassed for bathroom.

Sense Of Wholeness

We have to consider the style of bathroom after finishing deciding the match color with bathroom accessories, when choosing the similar towel ring, it has decoration effect,

Sense Of Design

Like towel ring, the hardware accessories are becoming more and more attractive, it is small and pretty, that is combined with fashion element. In many design, many towel ring has streamlined design, the arc design is used in the design of towel ring, it is full of active beauty, at the same time it could improve the household level, that makes bathroom perfect.

Oil Rubbed Bronze

Brushed Nickel


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