Toilet Paper Holder Info

Product Introduction

Introduction of the Principles of Paper Towel Roll Holder

We can find such scene in a lot of comedy films and television dramas that a man rushed into the restroom in a hurry, then he found the toilet paper holder was empty. This scene always makes us feel interesting. The reason why we feel funny is that the scene is natural and real, and we may have encountered such a funny thing in our daily lives as well. All these show us that the toilet paper holder has become a non split combination of a restroom. No matter the paper we used in our own house or those used in the toilet in the public place, there is no lack of toilet paper holder.

The birth and the extensive use of toilet paper make our daily lives become more and more comfortable. The use of toilet paper holders makes it more convenient for us to save worry when we are using toilet paper. We can use paper in lots of different places in this case. We should install paper towel holders in many rooms. Toilet must be fitted with toilet paper holders. At the same time, kitchen, dining room and living rooms also need large quantities of paper. It’s necessary for us to have a paper towel holder in each room.

The toilet paper holder is made up of a body and a shaft. The main part of the toilet paper holder comprises a left baffle plate, a right baffle plate and a wall plate. While, there is a symmetrical slide groove respectively made in each side of the left baffle plate and the right baffle plate.

The front end of the slide groove is higher than the rear end of it. The two ends of the shaft are respectively connected with the slide groove on both sides of the device by sliding or rolling method. The wall plate has a convex platform which is parallel to the frame shaft. It adopts the movable structure which is made up of slide groove and rack shaft and the cardboard structure which matches the convex plate of the frame. In this way, we can use one hand to pull the paper easily and cut it in the place that we want, which makes the use become very convenient.

The design of the paper towel holder uses the axle principle, which is mainly made up of the frame body and the rack axis. There is a cavity in the middle of the paper roll. So we can just use this to put the paper roll. When you use it, you can just roll the paper down, and it can rotate around the axle itself. The principle is simple, and it is very convenient for us to use. The style of paper towel holder is mainly divided into single roll paper frame and multiple roll paper frame. It can be seen from the name that how many paper rolls can the paper towel holder hold, which is the main difference between these two products. General family uses single roll paper towel holder more often. And now, a lot of toiler paper holders have the design of key hook function and shelves for phones, which can make it more convenient for you when you use the toilet. Because in recent years, more and more people like taking phones into restrooms. When they are using the toilet, they can play games in their phones. Or they can also read some news from phones. After you bought this kind of paper towel holder, you can put the mobile phone and keys in the right way to avoid accidentally fall.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Toilet Paper Holders

Toilet paper holder is one of the most commonly used hardware in bathroom. It is used to store toilet paper, which is mainly used to make it more convenient for people to use at any time. The toilet paper holder is always put in the damp and dark place in the toilet. So it is easy to be eroded by the stains. In this case, we should not forget the daily cleaning and maintenance. Now, I want to tell you some tips about the cleaning and maintenance of toilet paper holder. If you take care of these small aspects, your toilet paper holders can have longer life span.

The Cleaning of Toilet Paper Holder

  • We can scrub the paper towel roll holder with water and wipe it dry with a soft cotton cloth. We should not use any abrasive cleansers, cloth or paper towel, or any cleaning agents which contain acid to clean or polish the surface of the paper towel roll holder, which will make the surface damaged.
  • Due to the long-term use of a variety of washing detergents, the surface of the paper towel roll holder will lose its gloss and it will directly affect the quality. So when you clean the holder, you’d better clean the surface of the paper towel holder with soft cloth at least once a week, and the washing detergent should preferably be a neutral one.
  • Those stubborn dirty places may be difficult to clean. In this case, the dirt and stains can be washed by mild liquid detergent or colorless abrasion polishing liquid. Then we can clean the paper towel holder with water and softly dry it with a soft cotton cloth. You should not use hard cloth or other hard things to scrub the paper towel holders.
  • You can use a wet cotton cloth which is coated with toothpaste or soap to wipe the holder gently, and then you can just rinse it with water. This gentle action will not damage the surface of the paper towel holders.

The Maintenance of Toilet Paper Holder

  • Don’t use it in workshop with high temperature or near fire sources. If you leave the product close to the fire source, some dangerous things will happen. On the other hand, this action will shorten the life span of the paper towel holders.
  • Don’t wipe or clean it with alcohol or diluted daily chemicals. The components of these products will corrode the paper towel holders.
  • Don’t let the product exposed to the sunlight directly for a long time, so as not to shorten the life span of the product.
  • Don’t use hard things to scratch the surface of the product, and don’t use rough cloth to wipe it.
  • Don’t contact things with organic solution and corrosive chemicals, and we should not use it in the environment with above substances.
  • Don’t change the use or use it to hold some heavy things, which will damage the product. We should pay attention to the standard loading of the paper towel holder.

Though we all like using paper towel holders to make lives easier, if we pay little attention to the maintenance of them, they will be damaged by the humid environment quickly. Because people always ignore the cleaning and maintenance of paper towel holders. Such little things are often neglected by people. We should also know that it is easy to breed bacteria in the humid place like restroom. And it will threaten people’s health as well. All above is what I want to tell you about the cleaning and maintenance methods of paper towel holders. Once you bought one paper towel holder, you should take good care of it just like this. If you have any other questions, you can just connect me and the Homerises network will provide you with more completed, detailed and updated information. We have many different kinds of paper towel holders online. If you want to buy such products, you can visit Homerises to find your beloved paper towel holders.

The Styles and Benefits of Toilet Paper Holders

Paper towel holder is an object to hold paper rolls. It is one kind of product which is made of plastic or metal material. Inside the holder, there is a container which is used to hold paper. They can be used in both private and public places, such as home, hotel, bathroom, toilet, some public places and some places for entertainment. We can mainly see such products in the restrooms of hotels. According to the material of the paper towel holders, we can divide them into metal holders and plastic holders. And there are also a small amount of wooden shells. Holders can be installed according to the use of different positions.

They can be divided into the table paper towel holders and wall paper towel holders. The table paper towel holders are often used in common offices or tables in the restaurant. While, the wall paper towel holders are often used in toilet, preparing rooms or tea rooms.

Among so many office furniture, the creative and beautiful paper towel holders are especially loved by the majority of white-collar workers. From a certain extent, this product can express feelings and edify sentiment, which can create a harmonious working environment. At the same time, it can also alleviate the pressure of work. Most of the owners know that bottled carton is the earliest paper towel holder. Then with the development of the economy, the holders become large and folding. Later, the style of paper towel holder gradually turned into modern innovation, the quality and the design become super luxury. When you buy the paper towel holders, you should choose the styles and the colors according to your own characteristics. Bright colors are more suitable for those young girls. Then the cartoon ones are suitable for those cute children.

The paper towel holder is one of the most important furniture for you no matter at home or in the office. In recent years, more paper towel holders on the market are made of plastic and brass. They have built-in paper roll,which is easy for you to pull the paper. The holder can save place for you. In this case, the paper towel holders can be viewed as one of the most important things in every place, including rooms in the hotels, restrooms, public places and some other entertaining places. If you can use such products in your rooms, you can save more place to hold more things. Besides, if you raise a cat at home, it is necessary for you to buy a paper towel holder. Or your cat will grab the paper roll, which will make your house messy. The paper towel holder can help you solve the problem easily.

Among so many office furniture, the creative and beautiful paper towel holders are loved by the most of the fair ladies. From some certain extent, this can help them show their own feelings. Because this can give you a better working environment for you. And this can make your work be easier. Or we can say, it can make it easier for you to go to toilet.In this case, the constipation can leave away from you.

Indeed, not every good paper towel holder is suitable for each person. Along with the development of the society, the choice of the paper towel holders should match the pace with the office. At the same time, you should pay attention to the quality, appearance and health as well. When we buy things, we may pay more attention to the price of them. But we should know that not only those products with high price are good. Sometimes, those expensive products may not have the deserved quality. You should buy the holders according to your own needs as well as the style of your rooms.

How to Choose the Most Suitable paper towel holders?

Paper towel holder is the necessary for family. There is no need for us to explain the importance in details. There are so many materials on the market. Which kind of material is the most durable?

The Methods to Choose the Paper Towel Holders

We can choose the paper towel holders according to the characteristics as well as the fabrics. The fabrics can be divided into plastic, metal and wood. The metal fabric can also be called as stainless steel, alloy material, brass and etc.

  • The plastic paper towel holder is light and fashionable, and it is also colorful. But we should know that this kind of paper towel holder has poor bearing capacity, and it is easy to deform and break. And the price of plastic paper towel holders is much lower than those copper ones, if you just want to buy one for your own room simply for several years, it’s enough for you to own a plastic paper towel holder.
  • The advantages of wooden paper towel holder are natural environmental protective and ecological; the disadvantage is that it has poor mildew resistance. And it is not suitable for us to put it in humid environment.
  • The metal tissue rack is more durable and it will not become deform, but it is too bulky, and the sharp edge may hurt people. And it is a little more expensive than common ones. Copper paper towel holders are the best ones among so many kinds.
  • After the electroplating treatment, the capability of excellent waterproof of brass makes it become the best paper towel holder. This function makes the paper towel holder be more sturdy and durable. At the same time, it can also give you a classical aesthetic feeling. Especially the base of the paper towel holder, which is waterproof and humid-proof. So once you choose the paper towel holders for your toilets or bathrooms, you can choose those paper towel holders which are made of brass.

Styles of Paper Towel Holders
We can divide the paper towel holders into wall paper towel holders and table paper towel holders. And we also call the table paper towel holders as standing paper towel holders. The wall paper towel holders can also be divided into built-in paper towel holders and outlay paper towel holders. The wall paper towel holders are the most common styles on the market. And it has developed more and more functions. Some wall paper towel holders add a shelf for you to put your phone and cigarette. Some holders are combined with shelves, in order to save each place. When you use the restroom, you can put your things on the shelf of the paper towel holder. So you can enjoy the time more comfortably.

The Surface Craft of the Paper Towel Holders
The surface coating treatment is the most essential thing for brass pendants, which is related to the life of the products, the service and the resistance of the products. At the same time, coating treatment costs most besides brass embryo in the process of brass pendants manufacture. The quality of the best coating process is black and shiny. You can find a sense of moisture on it. At the same time, the coating makes the holder relatively wear-resistant. You may not find any scratches on the surface. If you like beautiful things, you can choose such paper towel holders, which can satisfy your needs very well.

If you use the paper towel holder in the bathroom, you should pay attention to the waterproof design. You should keep the paper clean and dry, then you can choose the product with good qualities. And it should be durable. You can buy those products made of brass, which are more suitable for toilet, bathroom and other humid places. You can choose use transparent and refreshing material to make the bathroom be brighter and cleaner.

You can Choose Paper Towel Holders According to the Occasions

When you are choosing paper towel holders, you’d better choose the products according to different situations. This aspect is very important during the process of purchasing. In addition, if you want to buy the products, you should also take the fabric and the style into consideration at the same time comprehensively. Followings are some important places where we may often use paper towel holders.

  • The bathroom – we all know that the environment of toilet is wet. When we have bath, the water would splash. In order not to affect the use of paper, we can choose those products with shielding designs. Or we can also buy those paper towel holders made of waterproof materials. If we don’t pay any attention to the material of the products, paper would be wet with water easily. In recent days, there are more and more people accustomed to bring phones to the toilet. In order to keep the mobile phones safe, it is best for us to buy a paper towel holder with shelf design. The most suitable material for toilet paper holder is stainless steel and plastic. By the way, the special treated brass can also be used.
  • Kitchen – kitchen also needs a lot of paper, but we all know that the kitchen space is crowded. All kinds of kitchen utensils are crowded. It is best for us to choose those simple paper towel holders which would not occupy the ground. Then the fabric could be plastic, which is light and easy to use. And this kind of paper towel holder is more suitable for the environment of kitchen. But you should keep the paper towel holder away from fire source and water, which would damage the paper towel holder.
  • Dining room – It is very important for us to have a paper towel holder in the table of dining room. In this case, the table style paper towel holder is much suitable. Because you can change the position of the paper towel holder at any time you want. Or you can change its place after the usage. You can move it into your living room or the sitting room. It is very easy for us for us. And this can make it more convenient to use paper. The best fabric for table paper towel holder is wood. If your furniture are all made of wood, then the wooden paper towel holder is very suitable for your house.

Conclusion: along with the development of paper towel holders, we can find that there have been more and more styles appearing. Someday later, we may use a paper towel holder machine as well. At that time, there is no need for us to do anything. The machine will pull the paper for you instead. Think about it, do you want to have a try? All above is what I know and what I want to tell you. I hope that this article can help you a lot when you are going to purchase the paper towel holders.