How to Maintain and Clean the Soap Dish

  • Wash the soap dish with water, then wipe with a soft cotton cloth, do not use the detergent, cloth or paper with grinding effect, neither do the acid detergent, polishing abrasive material to wipe the surface of soap dish.
  • Since there is detergent and shower gel on the surface of soap dish, that would keep the surface of soap dish degradation and influence the quality of soap dish. Please use soft cloth to clean the surface of soap dish, we had better use neutral detergent.
  • As to the dirties, surface scale membrane and stains, please use soft liquid cleaner, transparent glass cleaning fluid or polishing fluid without abrasion, then we can use clean water to wash the soap dish and wipe with soft cloth.
  • Use the cotton cloth with toothpaste and soap to wipe the soap dish tenderly, at last wash it with clean water, that is okay.

Round Soap Dish

Square Soap Dish

Rectangular Soap Dish

Triangular Soap Dish

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