Soap Dispenser Info

Product Introduction

Generally the soap dispensers can be the liquid faucet fixed on the table, liquid soap bottle under the table, liquid device that is used to put the soap out of the bottle, the pressure button that is used to drive the liquid mechanism. In general, the soap dispenser is equipped with sink, that is installed beside the faucet, when we install the soap dispenser, we need to check that whether the sink is with installation hole or not, otherwise that is unable to install.

Applicable Place

The soap dispenser is mainly used for family, hotel, restaurant, hospital, airport, home, medical institutions, foodstuff, chemical, electron, office building, shopping mall, entertainment, large banquet hall, hot spring resort, nursery, school, bank, airport waiting hall, families and so on, that is the best choice for your life.

Soap Dispenser Color

There are different kinds of soap dispensers, also are the colors of soap dispensers. We can choose different kinds of colors according to the soap dispensers.
The standard color of soap dispenser can be chrome and nickel brushed colors, the five-star hotel can choose chrome color, as to the villa, that may choose red color of stainless steel.

Structure Function

In the function, the soap dispenser has locked and unlocked types. It is suitable for hotel to choose the unlock type, as for the hotel bathrooms, we can choose unlock type, to avoid the waste of soap liquid.

In the size of soap dispenser, its size decides the capacity of liquid soap, we can choose the proper size according to actual demand.

Trouble Removal

  • If the soap dispenser is left unused in the soap dispenser, that may congeal some soap lye, it is ok to shake if lacking the soap, that could keep the soap lye into the liquid, if not, then we can get the rid of condensed soap lye, then we can add some warm water until warm water draining, then we can clean the whole soap dispenser.
  • The dust and impurity would block the liquid outlet, if the soap lye has been went bad, please replace the soap lye.
  • The soap lye would be blocked because of too much soap lye, then to add some water and shock to dilute.
  • At the first time, we can use water to keep the air out, then add the soap lye. There may be some water inside the bottle for the first time, that is left when testing, this is not quality problem.
  • With the development of soap dispenser, the design of proper capacity keeps the soap lye running out within warranty period, to avoid the bad situation.

How To Find The Best Commercial Soap Dispenser?

If you are a hotel or a restaurant operator, or even if you are offering some other commercial services, you must have the Commercial Soap Dispenser, installed in your premises. This will enable you to impress your clients and customers. However, you have to ensure that you are installing the best options. Here is your guide in that regard.

The Material Used For The Construction Of The Dispenser

The most important point to consider is the material used for the construction of the dispenser. In this regard, you have the options to opt for the ones made with plastic, nickel, as well as chrome. Though the plastic made dispensers are more economical, the ones made with chrome and nickel, offers longer durability. Hence, those products will serve your utility for the longest span of time.

The Type Of The Soap That The Dispenser Dispenses

Once you have made the selection of the right type of Commercial Soap Dispenser, you should consider the type of the soap it deals with. In that regard, you have the options to go for the ones dispenses the foam or you may opt for the ones that dispenses the regular liquid soap.

What Other Points You Should Check About The Dispenser?

In addition, you will require considering the points like the expected lifetime of the Commercial Soap Dispenser, its cost as well as the expenses for installation, the repairing and maintenance needs, as well as the user-friendliness of the product. Buying the dispenser, considering these points, you can pick the product that can offer the best value for your money.

You should always approach the top brands (homerises) that can offer you the best quality products within the most reasonable rates. This way, you will win the deals on the aspect of product quality as well as the price.

How to Use the Soap Dispenser Correctly

Many people would regard the soap dispenser as automatic hand cleanser bottle after purchasing it. The soap dispenser is not simple product to provide the automatic liquid soap, in fact when using the soap dispenser, there are many things we need to attention many things. It is important for us to use and maintain the soap dispenser, next Homerises would let you know how to use the soap dispenser correctly.

1. When you use the soap dispenser at first, we can add water and drain the vacuum inside, then we can add the liquid soap, at the same time, maybe there is some pure water in the bottle and pump head, if it is first time for us to have this problem, don’t worry about it, since it is not caused by the product, it maybe left when testing before leaving the factory, of course it is not necessary for us to have it.

2. If the liquid soap is too thick that may cause the blocking for the soap dispenser, in order to dilute the soap dispenser, we can add some pure water and stir , that could be smooth.

3. The dust and impurity could block the liquid outlet, so if the liquid soap in the bottle has gone bad, then we need to change the soap liquid in time, in order not to cause the trouble of blocking the soap liquid outlet.

4. If the soap dispenser has been placed for some time, then the soap dispenser maybe congeals some liquid soap, at the time, we can solve the problem as the following methods, 1) if the liquid soap is very little, we can add some warm water and stir, that could restore the soap lye to the liquid. 2) If the above doesn’t work, we can remove the condensed soap, and add the warm water, then use the soap dispenser many times until the warm water dried from soap dispenser, which could wash the whole soap dispenser, at last we can add the soap lye again and use it normally.

At last in general, all these notices are conditional, as for the normal soap dispenser using everyday is usually no such problem, but these are the things we need know to avoid the special circumstance. If the soap dispenser hasn’t been used for long time, maybe it has these questions, then you will know how to solve the problem.