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The Characteristics Of Shower Seats

The stylish and practical folding shower seat will decorate your house, we provide folding shower seats, it is comfortable and safe, and saves space for your home, the shower seat is exquisite and smooth, that could suffer the strong pressure and easy installation, that is suitable for bathroom, entryway and public places. Next homerises will introduce you the characters of shower seats.

  1. .Easy installation. The shower seat can be installed and punched holes, in general it doesn’t take much time.
  2. Wide range. That can be used for bathroom, hallway, public places, park, library, market, hotel, bookstore, railway station, waiting hall and etc. The shower seat is easy maintenance and do not occupy space, it is elegant and simple after folding.
  3. Suitable for the crowd. It takes much time to change your shoes, then with the help of simple folding shower seat, especially for elderly and kids. To have a try to place the folding seat beside the shoe box, it doesn’t take much space and provides convenience, it is very practical when not in use.
  4. Reliable quality. It is made of stainless steel, aluminum alloy, wood and ABS plastic, the product is fixed by stainless steel set screw.
  5. Simple to use. It can be the complete seat with hand, when not in use, it can be the perfect combination with wall, it don’t need any space.
  6. Strong decoration. We have many choices, such as white, black, yellow, yellow, blue, red and etc.
  7. Strong practicality. No matter where you install it in any places, that could bring you comfort and convenience.
  8. Strong carrying capacity. In general it can suffer 300-550 lb (136-250 kg) weight capacity, that is suitable for almost people.
  9. Installation height. In general it is 16″ – 20″ (45-50 cm) according to your height.

Wooden Shower Seat

Folding Shower Seat

Adjustable Shower Seat

Nowadays we can service for the following industry, bathroom designated supporting products, project, wholesaler, home decoration and customer goods, at the same time it can be widely used for ad, promotion and etc.

The above could be the detailed information of bathroom folding chair, bathroom folding seat and folding seats, and provided by HomeRises, if you have the question about this, please contact us to get the more information about bathroom folding seats and folding chairs.

What Is The Material Of Shower Seats

We had better equip with the shower seat if your family has elderly and kids, that is suitable for usage of family, then what is the material of shower seats? Next homerises will have a brief introduction, there are many different kinds of seats for bathroom, that could suit different occasions. Meanwhile, in order to go with the turn of times, the shower seat would keep the whole style complete.

The Common Material Of Shower Seats

  1. The plastic shower seat is anti-skid and wear proof, and has strong bearing, at the same time, it could save space for bathroom, the bottom has anti-skid and wear-proof design, it is solid and reliable, inside has reinforce style, that could improve the weight capacity of seat. The striped hollow design is comfortable and breathable, to avoid the stuffiness.
  2. The wood shower seat is made by professional workmanship, has slide-proof technology, that is suitable for wet environment, and made by master and not easy to deform give us the beautiful enjoyment with natural temperament.
  3. The metal shower seat is simple and bright in appearance, it is also not easy to deform, that suffers anti-corrosion, it is cool in summer and suffers strong pressure.
  4. The kids shower seat is always equipped with footgrip, no matter you are in the floor or floor tile, it can be steady, we don’t need to worry about the falling down. In fact nowadays the wood shower seat is not only equipped with skid resistance function, it also has moisture proof, at the same time the plastic shower seat is also equipped with the moisture proof and antiseptic maintenance. Don’t worry about this when purchasing.

ABS Plastic


Stainless Steel

The Folding Shower Seat

The Intimate Present For Our Lovers

For Seniors
Our parents worry about us all of their lifetime, it is the most warm present to send your mind.

For Patients After Operation
The shower seats provide convenience to keep them safe when we’re not at home, the patients need to be taken care of.

For Pregnant Women
Since there is baby in the belly, we have to be careful for pregnant women in actions.

For The Disabled
We can send our warm and love for them, and let them feel our caring.

The Shower Seats For Seniors

For most of elderly, with the increase of age, the physiology begins to decline, it becomes harder and harder for them to take a shower, however we almost shower every day in summer, so it is necessary to solve the problem for elderly.

In this question, most of families would take action to help old men shower, that is good for the old age people in the 80s and 90s in difficulty, but for the old men in the 60s and 70s, if you help them, that would make them embarrassed, maybe that would cause their mind that they are useless and make family trouble because of themselves.

The shower seat is designed for the old men in the 60s and 70s, it could not only help them finish shower by themselves, but also makes shower healthier.

So from the above, the shower seat market is in great demand and has bright prospect.

Bamboo Shower Seat

Teak Shower Seat

Shower Seats For Elderly