How To Choose The Right Hardware For Bathroom

How To Choose The Right Hardware For Bathroom

When we need to buy bathroom products, we can go the hardware shops in the street. But we can also buy them from online shops. But before you buy them, you need to learn some basic knowledge in order to buy the most suitable product for your bathroom. Then we can find that the hardware is not complex products, so when you go shopping, you can find that there are many kinds of them. If you have children, you can buy some cute ones. If you just live by yourself, you can buy simple ones. And the choice of the color can also be chosen according to your own. By the way, when we buy bathroom products, we can also find that there are many different materials which can be used to make bathroom products. When we buy the bathroom hardware, we may be confused with various kinds of bathroom accessories at the time of purchasing. At this time, we may don’t know which ones to buy. I think the most basic rule is that you should choose products from your own needs. And please make it sure that what do you want the product do? To use it to hang towels, or just use it to hang clothes, or you want it to put soaps, shampoo and so on. You need to purchase things from this point of view. Now, let’s have a look at the kinds of bathroom products according to different usages.

We Can Divide Them Into 10 Kinds According to the Purposes

  1. You Can Use Towel Bars and Towel Racks to Hang Towels
    Towel bars ( Single Bar, Double Bar, Multiple Swivel Towel Bar) are available on the market. And they are also available in our online shops. The functions of towel rings and towel bars are relatively single, because they can only be used for hanging towels. Towel racks can also be called as bath towel racks. Ordinary towel racks are used for hanging towels only. The upper layer of the products can also be used for clean towels, or clean clothes. That is to say, besides towels, you can also put other clean things on it.

    Single Towel Rack

    Double Towel Bar

    Swing Arm Bar

    Towel Ring
  2. Hooks Are Used to Hang Clothes
    There are not so many kinds of hooks on the market. You can just find single hooks, double hooks and row hooks on the market. They can be used to hang clothes in bathroom or you can also use it to hang bath balls or some other commodities which can be hung up. If you don’t have such products in your bathroom, you may feel uneasy when you need to put everything in order. But once you have such hooks in your bathroom, it will be much more convenient for you to clean your bathroom. At the same time, your room can be cleaner and tidier.

    Single Hook

    Double Hook

    Vintage Hooks
  3. Tissue Racks Are Used for Unwinding Paper
    We all know that tissue racks are mainly used for toilet paper. Especially those unwinding ones. When you buy paper towel racks, you need to consider that whether the rack is simple and easy to use. At the same time, you also need to consider that whether they are waterproof. Some new kinds of tower holders add storage functions. For example, you can place telephone, wallet and some other things on them. By the way, we also have cute Animal Toilet Paper Holders, like Frog Toilet Paper Holders, Bear Toilet Paper Holders, Deer Toilet Paper Holders, Dog Toilet Paper Holders and so on. If you have such products in your room, you can feel more comfortable when you have a bath. Because in recent days, more and more people will bring mobile phones into bathrooms. If they don’t have this, it will not be so convenient for them to find a place to place the phone.

    Free Standing


    Wall Mount Vertical

    With Shelf
  4. Toilet Brush Holders Are Used to Hold Toilet Brushes
    If you just put toilet brush holders on the ground, it doesn’t feel good. So there comes the toilet brush holder. You can put the toilet brush in it. On the one hand, it can make your room clean and tidy. On the other hand, it can make your room look more beautiful. If you have children, you can choose the decorated Animal Toilet Brush Holder, which can also become a landscape in your bathrooms.

    Wall Mounted

    Free Standing

    Cute Animal
  5. Soap Dishes Are Used for Soaps
    Do you still remember the time when you buy soaps, you will get a plastic soap box. You can also use it as a soap dish. In recent days, soaps are always be packed by paper. There is no soap boxes any more. So we need to buy a soap dish which can be used to place soaps. There are many different materials can be used to make soap dishes. For example, wooden soap dishes, plastic soap dishes, marble soap dishes, glass soap dishes, stainless soap dishes, steel soap dishes and so on. They can all be used to make soap dishes.

    Wall Mounted


  6. Toothbrush Holder for Tooth Glasses Can Make Your Basin Cleaner
    Though such toothbrush holders seem inconspicuous, they are very practical, especially those Electric Toothbrush Holders. If your house has a bathroom cabinet or a counter top, the tooth glasses are usually placed on the table, or on the shelf. Of course, we should know that the Wall Mounted Toothbrush Holder has become the mainstream in this era, which can not only save the space, it can also make your room be clean and tidy.

    Wall Mounted

    Suction Cup

  7. Powerful Bathroom Shelves Can Give You a Better Life
    You can put shampoo, shower gel, brush cup and some other things on the shelves. If you are a woman, you can also use such shelves to put moisturizers and cosmetics. If you are a man, you can put a razor or some other products which you can think about on it. Anything which you have no place to put can be placed on the shelf. You can distinguish the shelves according to the position of the installation. There is one kind of rectangular ordinary shelf, which can be installed in the side wall, and the product has a tripod can be installed in the junction of two walls. The triangle racks can use the space efficiently, which can be very easy for you to use.

    Shower Basket

    Bathroom Shelves

  8. Makeup Mirrors Can Make It Easy for You to Do Makeups
    There is already a mirror on the bathroom cabinet. Why do we still need a make-up mirror? Do you know the difference between makeup mirrors and common mirrors. Cosmetic mirror has two sides. One side is relatively common, but the other side of the mirror has the magnifying function, which can let you see your face pores clearly. From the point of the makeup, such mirrors are very good. When you want to use it, you can just grab it out. After that, you can put it back to save space.

    Free Standing Makeup Mirrors
    Free Standing
    Wall Mounted Makeup Mirrors
    Wall Mounted
  9. Have You Ever Known the Usage of the Wall Mounted Shower Seat
    Wall Mounted Shower Seat is one of the most important products which can be used to solve the problems of pregnant women, old men and the disabled. The Wall Mounted Shower Seats can not only save your space, they can also make your lives be easier. When you use them, you can put down the panel. After the use, you can just fold it and put it against the wall.

    Teak Shower Seat

    Support Bracket
  10. Bathroom Grab Bars Are Also Important in Bathrooms
    The bathroom grab bars, just like the wall mounted shower seats, are the products which used to protect us from falling down. Because of the deterioration of the limbs system, the elderly may often feel weak. At this time, the handrails will play a role in helping them. So, it is necessary to equip the bathroom with an armrest for the elderly.

    Shower Grab Bars

    Toilet Grab Bars

All the information above divides bathroom accessories into ten kinds. On the market, there are not so many strict rules. Some towels bars have hooks at the bottom, which can be used for many different usages. Some shelves also have towel bars, which can help you do more things you want. So when you choose such products, you should have one idea in your mind. If you don’t want to buy too many things, you can just buy one product which has all the functions. By the way, please don’t just buy those expensive ones. When you buy products, don’t just pay attention to the price and don’t buy those you don’t want. Only the most suitable ones are the best ones for you. In the end, if you have one purpose in your mind, you can choose the product which is just used for that purpose. So that, the product can show its best function in this case.

We Can Also Divide the Products According to the Materials and Processes

There are many materials which can be used as bathroom accessories. The most common and cheapest ones are the plastic bathroom accessories. But today, the mainstream of the market is the product made of metal. The main metal bathroom accessories on the market are made of stainless steel, brass, aluminum alloy and zinc alloy. Metal products have better quality than common ones. So if you want to buy bathroom accessories, you can try those metal products.

  • The 304 Stainless Steel Hardware Can Be Used for a Long Time
    304 stainless steel is one kind of stainless steel with high chromium and high nickel. Because of its high content of chromium, the surface of the product will be protected by a passive film, which can be used to protect stainless steel from corrosion. So it has good corrosion resistance. The process of the surface of the 304 stainless steel is simple. It only needs polishing. Most of the 304 hardware on the markets have brushed surfaces, because the high nickel content can make the surface of the product be light yellow. Of course, there are also some polished products. But these products have great difference from Polished Chrome. 304 stainless steel is rarely used for styling. So many designs and curves are hard to apply to hardware. There are not so many styles on the market. The market position is in the mid-range position. If you like such Brushed Nickel series products, you can take 304 stainless steel into consideration.
  • The Brass Hardware Are More Beautiful Than Common Ones
    The surface of the brass hardware has excellent adhesion to the plating, so the surface of the product seems high end. Surface coating is not only chrome plated, but there are also Ti gold and rose gold surfaces. In addition, such products can also be made into antique color. When you buy such products, you can choose colors according to the different styles of your bathrooms. Brass material is easy for us to cast. And it is easy for us to design it into different styles. And we can make them into different products with different curve lines. But we should also know that if the product is made of brass only and it has its own style, own curve lines, it will be very expensive. Bathroom accessories made of brass only are very heavy. When you hold them on your hand, you can feel the weight clearly. If you have enough budget, you can buy those high end brass hardware for bathrooms. When you buy brass hardware, the most important reference index is the electroplating process of the surface.
  • The Aluminum Alloy Hardware Is Relatively Cheap
    Aluminum Alloy is an aluminum magnesium alloy which has been processed after special treatments. Its main component is alumina, which has the characteristics of high temperature resistance. And its melting temperature can reach 2000 degrees. At the same time, because of the high melting point, it is difficult to make this material into different shaped. So Aluminum Alloy hardware will not have nice designs and styles. Aluminum alloy products also have impact resistance and load-bearing characteristics. So they can also be used to hang some heavier items. But the aluminum alloy itself is very light, when you hold it on your hands, you may not feel the heaviness and the texture of the metal. The surface of the Aluminum Alloy is white. Those bathroom accessories mostly have simple processes. If you take a closer look, you will feel that the products are very rough. As a result, the price is cheap. From the practical point of view, it is very good. If you don’t have too high requirements on products, you can try this kind of product. Because such products are cheaper and they also have relatively good qualities.
  • Hardware Whose Surfaces Are Electroplated Are Also Very Popular These Days
    Surface plating hardware is not only including copper plating. 201 stainless steel and zinc alloy can both be used to plate. Of course, the copper plating is the best choice for you. The adhesiveness of the copper is very good. Because of that, lots of copper products are not only high end, they are also very durable. The zinc alloy can be used to produce products easily. Lots of designs and curves can be shown in the zinc products. And the style of the product is also very attractive. But we should know that the zinc products can not be used to produce bathroom accessories only. When we use zinc, we can only use it to make one part of the hardware. It can only be used to create a full hardware with other material. 201 stainless steel can also be used to electroplate after polishing. There is little difference between 201 bathroom accessories and 304 bathroom accessories. The only difference is that 201 hardware has a electroplated surface. So it has requirements to the polishing craft and electroplating craft. The electroplated products have better surface process than those products which have no electroplated surfaces.

Here Are 3 Purchasing Suggestions for You

When we buy hardware for bathrooms, we can consider things from these three aspects. First, which is also the most important one: the product should make you feel comfortable. Second, we should find out that whether the product is durable and solid. The third thing is that you should think that whether the style of the hardware is suitable for the style of your bathroom.

  • The Product Should Be Suitable for Us
    When we choose the product, we can choose it according to the installing position. If you want to install the hardware in the corner where two walls connect, you can choose triangle shelves. That is to say, you should find out which places in your bathrooms are reserved. Then you can choose the suitable bathroom accessories according to the positions. At the same time, you should also choose the product according to the correct size, which can be used to hang a 30 center meters towel. That is enough. If there are two people in your home, then you need a 60 center meters towel bar. If there are more people than two, you need to buy double towel bar or you need to buy more bars.
  • The Products Should Be Solid and Durable
    When it comes to the firmness, we can find that the majority of the bathroom accessories are drilled in recent years. After the drilling, the rubber pads are fixed on the screws. There is nothing wrong with the solidity, and where is the problem actually? The problem is the screw. When we buy products, what we may pay attention to is just the quality of the hardware material, we may pay no attention to the quality of the screw. Good screws are made of 304 stainless steel material, which is durable, and it will never rust. But on the market, we can find more iron screws than stainless steel screws. Iron screws may be processed with anti-rust processing. For example, these screws may be covered by a layer of copper or a layer of zinc. If they did so, such iron screws have certain corrosion resistance. An iron screw that has not been processed will be corroded in about a year. And we should also know that in such a humid environment like bathroom, the screws will be rust soon. Before you see this article, you may don’t know how to choose correct screws for your bathroom products. But now, we may already know the importance of the choice of the material of screws. So when we buy bathroom products, we even need to pay attention to those tiny details. A screw can also decide the whole frame of the product.
    When it comes to the durability, we mainly consider the corrosive problems. The aluminum alloy hardware and 304 stainless steel hardware have better corrosion resistance, and its surface treatment is relatively simple. So we don’t discuss too much in details here. For brass plating products, the position itself is high-grade, and the requirements of the process is relatively high, so when we shop such products, we should pay special attention to the surface plating process. Brass hardware is basically straight plated, which is different from faucets. The material of the hardware has the issues of polishing problems. If the material of the product is impure. The impurities will show blisters or pits on the surface. If the surface of the product is uneven, the polishing method can also reflect the problems. When you buy high-grade copper plating products, you should remember to put the product under the light to see the electroplating process. Before purchasing, you need to take all these into consideration. Once you bought the product, it may be a little troublesome for you to send it back to the shop owner. They may find more reasons than you can think about to refuse your requirement. Everything needs to be done well.
  • The Collocation of the Styles
    If you are an artist, this is not a question for you. If not, then you need to consider some other questions. If you have bought a square basin, a square faucet, or a square shower already, then you can also choose the square section of the bathroom hardware, which can make your bathroom appear more attractive and harmonious. The overall coordination can be much better. HomeRises devotes itself in production for a long time, for the designs and the styles have limited visions. If you can consult the designer, this can be the most appropriate choice. If you purchase the products online, you need to ask the customer service about all the details which you want to know. After all, if you want your bathroom be clean and tidy, you need to buy some products to make your room be more beautiful. If you choose the right products for your bathroom, this can a very good thing for you. When your friends come to see you, they can also have a good time.